Tutorial on installing cPanel-DNS and problem fixing

Here is a quick tutorial on how to install cPanel-DNS onto your server.


We have seen many tutorials for this about, however, cannot find quick and easy answers to some problems/errors which you can sometimes face during the installation. We have added the commands to fix these problems at the bottom of this tutorial.


Run the commands below under your root SSH login, this are the only commands required for installing cPanel-DNS as long as you don’t receive any errors:



  • cd /tmp
  • wget http://layer1.cpanel.net/cpanel-dnsonly-install.sea
  • sh cpanel-dnsonly-install.sea


Problem during installation?

There are some problems you may face, we have listed the commands required to fix some of these:



When installing you may be faced with an error such as:

-bash-3.2# sh cpanel-dnsonly-install.sea
Creating directory installd
Verifying archive integrity… All good.
Uncompressing cplyr1-cPanel-dnsonlyExtraction failed.


This problem normally occurs when you are trying to install cPanel-DNS onto a server which is not running a base installation of the operating system. To fix this, you can run the following command, however if you are trying to install this on a server which already has data which you don’t have backed up, then you should back it up first.


This command will turn your operating system into the base installation:

  • yum groupinstall base -y


After you have run this, try to install cPanel-DNS using the original commands.


Did you receive an error when trying to run the base install command above?

Error: Missing Dependency: rpm = 4.4.2-48.el5 is needed by package rpm-libs


An error similar to this is normally the result of trying to run the “groupinstall base” command onto a 32bit VPS operating on a 64bit node, and can be resolved quickly with the following command:

  • echo i686-redhat-linux > /etc/rpm/platform


After you have run this, try to run the “yum groupinstall base -y” command again.




Your installation may also error if you have not setup a correct hostname on your server, cPanel requires that your system is setup with a full hostname (e.g. server1.mydomain.com NOT JUST server1).

To fix this hostname problem, simply run the following command:

  • hostname yourhostnamehere


(Replace “yourhostnamehere” with your full required hostname as shown in the example above)


If you are having this problem on a VPS, then you may be required to set the hostname within your VPS control panel or request the change with your host, otherwise upon a reboot it may reset back to the original hostname set within the VPS configuration.




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